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89 add


Great App I really enjoy playing on this machine. Please add the feature "Quit or Double" and also higher bets could be great !

Poor video poker...!

I live in Vegas thats all I play. If video poker was paying like this one. Ill be a homeless by now.

Very good

Muito bom

Nice app.

Good and easy to use.


One problem is that winning sound effects are heard before the cards are shown. They should be heard after the cards are shown. Just my 2c.


Hey its free, and fun for a few minutes.


Its pretty good and highly addicting!!


Pretty fun game but the reinforcements are too scattered, not to mention minimal in magnitude. It took me forever to earn 300 credits. Rather addictive ( not "addicting"! Addicting is not a word people.)


Its free worth a try good time pass


Good to pass time crashes alot though and lose your credits


Like the new sound effects. Helps keep me out of the casinos.

Best poker in the whole world

Love the sound. Love the graphics. Just like being at the casino. The only thing missing is the waitress bringing you a drink.

Whats not to love..

Love it.


Love this game. Liked the add up of points in old version but like the score card up front where you can see it.


Ok but graphics make some cards hard to read

Great value

This is a great game for your mobile, works just like the video poker machines in Las Vegas

Almost perfect.

It shut have a double up option and it would be almost 100% like in the casinos, the machine is the same, try to put that option and I will even buy the game for $5 dollars ok

Pretty Close To The Real Thing

Its about as close to real as Ive seen... Now to get some games with Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, and Jokers Wild... In the same format, Id get them all.


Like the real thing.

Great game

I play this game everyday and its really a great one. Its free which is the best part but its also entertaining

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